We are pleasantly satisfied with this magnificent duo.
Ours was a simple wedding (with just over 50 guests) but we still wanted to give a touch of class and professionalism to the event. Well, thanks to Daniel and Valentina we found them very helpful right from the beginning, from the organization of the important moments of the day, up to the choice of the playlist. Music has a fundamental role according to our point of view, not only as accompanying music but also as a “definition” of what the details and noteworthy situations were during the wedding.

The Power of Love is exactly the icing on the cake that made our wedding unforgettable! Our guests were ecstatic by the professionalism but also by the pleasant and spontaneous character of these two guys. Everything was excellent: from the ceremony to the final party, in short, a really great choice!

Highly recommended to all those who wish to have professional singers at their wedding and not the usual and boring “piano bars”!


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