In some cases like this it is very difficult to be short and precise and at the same time be able to find the right words to describe a unique experience like the one we had thanks to Daniel and Valentina.
I came across their names by chance on this site, sometimes a bit of luck can happen to even the most skeptical who eventually have to change their mind.
We had the honour of having Daniel and Valentina at our wedding and of discovering the existence of two true artists, professional, outstanding, serious, punctual, impeccable, but above all kind, delicate, and down to earth.

Two dreamers who, with their dreams, managed to make a dream come true not only for us, but for all those present who were literally captivated, having never seen anything like it or so perfectly brilliant.
Family and friends thank us again for making them live a dream and defining the evening as one of the most beautiful nights of their lives and this above all thanks to them.

Calling them artists is an understatement, because they didn’t limit themselves to making music, they did much much more than this, they were themselves with their way of performing and being in sync with each other, they are the soundtrack of our wedding.
We adhered to the “Let’s Dance” theme and after so many efforts due to my unexpectedly bulky dress we wanted to give up dancing, but Valentina gave us the strength and courage, where we were afraid, she showed us the light in a moment of darkness… It was beautiful!

The “Disney Show” for adults and children was wonderful and we had chosen it because the theme of our wedding was, A Fairytale, nailed it!
I have no words to describe how everything fit together so perfectly, far above my expectations, I still cry when I think about it.
Trust them and let them advise you! Not singers, not actors, not artists, but Geniuses!


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